Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chenpo best of winners

Lhasa Apso EL Minja´s Chenpo did it again this time he won at Steel City Kennel Club, Indiana Best of Winners and Res Winners under the judges Mrs. Diana L. Skibinski and Mrs. Keke Kahn last weekend. with this results Chenpo is only one major away for his American Champion title! Chenpo is shown by Team Jody Paquette. Congratulation to Marci and Karl W.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walker JR lhasa apso win at terry all dogshow

At the Terry All weekend dogshow, in the USA; Walker Jr almost finished for his American Champion title with his 3rd major on Sunday under judge Mrs Marcia Dawkins by going Best of Opposite Sex over the 3 male Specials. Walker Jr won his 2nd major on saterday winning Best of breed [over 4 specials], Best of Winners and Winners for a 3 point major under judge Mr. Joe Walton. lots of congrats Fran!