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Lhasa Apso Weblog Chapter 1-3

Here you will find our weblog wich is in 3 parts
Chapter 1 = The history of EL Minja's Lhasa Apso
Chapter 2 = About our kennelmanager Lia and her dogs
Chapter 3 = EL Minja's today

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Lhasa Apso Weblog


The history of EL Minja's Lhasa Apso and started in 1970, in those days I was breeding Afghanhounds and met my future husband Frank at the dogshows in Europa. on a trip to England visiting the famous Crufts Dog show, I saw the Lhasa Apso dog breed and fell immediately in love with them. As I was breeding Afghanhounds for me the nobility of the Lhasa Apso was the same. I always say, Lhasa Apso's are little Afghans, and really they are.

I very much enjoy the activity of the dog shows with the Lhasa Apso as a breed, especially the excitement and the entertainment of showing the Lhasa Apso breed. But the most interesting part for me and my husband Frank is breeding, I do like to breed Lhasa Apso 's and the following is of great importance to me : the Lhasa Apso type, typical head,sound movement, soundness in conformation overall and good density of coat. My husband likes the Lhasa Apso puppies very much and they all loves him, they do because he always is playing with the puppies. I can ensure you that the puppies know him very well, even when they are gone. When they return for visits they always remember my husband. Frank is a big support for me, he's a science animal geneticist and well-educated in veterinarian medicine, which helps me a great deal, he is the founder of the Breedcouncil and later orthopedics genetics disease center of the university of Ghent in Belgium.

In 1987 my first Lhasa Apso's arrived at my home, Nykita and Madonna, Nikyta is bred on pure Dutch lines (v/d Warwinckel) and Madonna Dutch,English(Saxonspring) and American ( CH Dolsa Marlo Matador), I only bred twice with Nikyta, then I quit breeding with her. In her first Lhasa Apso litter she had two males, Karma and Agami, Karma became an International Champion and Agami was loved in a pet home although he was good enough to show. Madonna became my basic Lhasa Apso brood bitch, the foundation of my kennel for many years.

Both of these Lhasa Apso girls were bred to my imported English Champion Lingstoc Midas ( Tex) , I imported Tex February 1989 after he was shown at the Champion of Champion stakes Finals. Tex won 10 CC's under 10 different judges in England, he became Dutch champion in only three shows including Best In Show at the Dutch specialty breedclub. He was bred on Belazieths stock, USA&Can CH.Belazieths Malcolm/Salt 'n' Pepper & Hardacre lines.

The Lhasa Apso first litter with Madonna, she was bred to CH.Lingstoc Midas and this was for me very interesting to see what the lines were doing. Well I was very pleased with 6 puppies.(5-1) Out of this litter I showed a male CH. El Minja's Mahakala and his sister CH. El Minja's Dakini.

The second Lhasa Apso litter of Madonna with Tex produced my champion El Minja's Kerima who became Dutch and International champion, her sister Lha-mo who had the same high qualities as Kerima has been exported. Kerima is slightly greater in length than Dakini and has a rather longer head, however, Dakini have a very nice expression and character.Both have the coats of hard texture and density which is so important for me. Both have a beautiful feminine head.

In 1991 I imported from Mrs. Sylvia Linge, Lingstoc Just Billy, which I made up International and Belgium champion. This male was a little height and had heavy bone structure, for me he produced the right coats with good density. Out of him I kept a bitch, CH El Minja's Maytreya , out of Maytreya I have El Minja's Maxim a very pretty bitch. Maytreya is grey colored and she has been mated to my imported CH Tn Hi Brick the Big Bang and they produced a very pleasing litter. A son of CH Tn Hi Brick the Big Bang , CH El Minja's Seng-Tru was mated to Maytreya and they produced my pretty Lhasa Apso bitch El Minja's Maxim.

To improve certain points, I bought the bitch Mouche Do'r Des Coquins, she was bred to Ramatsche (very old Dutch with excellent quality) . Mouche Do'r Des Coquins I bred to my CH.El Minja's Mahakala and this litter gave me my famous CH EL Minja's Amitabha . She was deep red color with a dreaming head and the hautain Lhasa character. The first time she came to the show in juniorclass she won best bitch, over specials, this was at the Arnhem International championship show 1992.

The list of her wins is very long.

Highlight" Amitabha together with her father Mahakala" won the Paris Longchamp International championshipshow in 1993 both CAC/CACIB and Mahakala BOB.! This show is at the fields of the hippodrome Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

A good year later, I imported the male CH.Tn HI Brick The Big Bang, bred in the USA by Mrs J Hadden of TnHi kennels and I imported him from Colombia. Brick was a nice male but had a very rough time behind him. After he had six months relaxing and joining our house life I've started him at the show again. This was a different experience for him but he really trusted me. Then I lead him to the reserve BIS title at the greatest Dogshow of Europa "Dortmund VDH Hunde ausstellung".

Brick did fit perfectly in my Lhasa Apso lines and produced very well with my bitches, he gave me the most beautiful feminin CH El Minja's Lady-Nada, an experienced judge for more than 40 years in the breed said about her " she is one in a million, the perfection". Thank you ! With EL Minja's Chumi, he produced wonderfull males and with my other bitches excellent females.

In 1993 I purchased CH Qeshew Des Coquins into my kennel, she was bred on old European lines as Ramatsche . I mated her with Brick and they gave me my famous multi Ch EL Minja's Tsarong. Tsarong was born real black and he stayed black until he was 10 weeks old and finished up dark deep red.

In 1994 a litter was born from Tn Hi Brick the Big Bang out of my Dutch champion Farah-Diba v/d Warwinckel (Ch.Dolsa Marlo Matador granddaughter), one bitch stayed at home, the other puppies went to breeders in three different countries. In France El Minja's Chana Dorje was made up International Champion. Unfortunately the other Lhasa Apso 's of these litter were never shown.

Later that year a litter was born out of Brick and Adarsha fun Nuijefurd( Lingstoc Just Billy daughter) produced our famous CH EL Minja's Adarsha she pleased me very much in the ring and as a mother. She produced great, She is the mother of American and Canadian Champion El Minja's Chumbi and multi Champion EL Minja's Nag Po Chen Po wich is a winner as well he went to China and Hong Kong for starting the Lhasa Apso in these countries.

Another litter of CH.Tn HI Brick The Big Bang,that year produced the famous Best in Show winner and World Champion Winner CH. El Minja's Thang-Ka, this parti-color boy had shown all over Europe, winning BOB and BIG as BIS, out of his breeding I have several Lhasa Apso 's males and females to keep on going on this line of me.

When I review the next litters of CH.Tn HI Brick The Big Bang,, I have to notice the litter of CH. El Minja's Honeybe and her brother El Minja's Hi Flyer which went to the USA, to Mrs Joyce Hadden. This Boy aka Baron is a very solid and an attractive male, with a marvelous coat. He is producing inTN HI kennel of Mrs Joyce Hadden in the USA.

Mentioned my Lhasa's I cannot passed my EL Minja's Chamdo, CH. EL Minja's Osiris & CH. EL Minja's Only for Pleasure, EL Minja's Joyana CH.EL Minja's Nag Po Chen Po, CH EL Minja's Jasmine they all have very high qualities, and soaring above.

The differences are small because of my consistencecy breeding.

To refresh and keeping the diversity on level, I did used two males consisting some inheritance of the former bloodlines of mine and submitting some new characteristics. The results are excellent and I'm very pleased with the results. Out of this refresh breeding is USA BIS BISS CH EL Minja's Walk on Water, EL Minja's Innimini in the USA, CH.EL Minja's Good as Gold, EL Minja's Me Me, CH. EL Minja's Gambler and CH.EL Minja's Thsang-Pa and CH.EL Minja's Dream On.


EL Minja's Dogs are Protected by Flame,

Flame in Action at trainings

Lia with her German Shepperd dogs Flame and Tinka both are trained for "Schutz"with is a high education in German Shepperds , Lia is an expert in Shotokan Karate.

Lia with Flame and Tinka

Shotokan Karate

Flame gets help, watch out this Sniper;



Lhasa Apso breeding the results are Great;

Lhasa Apso Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa and his brother Champion EL Minja's Walk on Walker in the USA owned by Mrs Fran Stayer can be proud on their wins, see the news page. Champion EL minja's Dream-On a great champion too with great results and is now multi champion. Her companion Ch.EL Minja's Good as Gold is a real red-golden bitch and she is a look a like with her sister Innimini in Canada.

Champion EL Minja's Gambler started his career in Germany with a winners dog and in Belgium with a best of breed and Group 3 placement, do I need to say more.......

Coming up are Le Sajnim indian Dream and Le Sajnim Ashanti bred by my husband Frank , he dearly wanted to go back to my previous lines and used a German male son of CH EL Minja's Thang-Ka with the female CH EL Minja's Osiris. so her they are two another promising Lhasa's.

Best Regards,

Mrs S.H.M. van Tatenhove van Roosenbroek, breeder and owner of "EL Minja's kennels".

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