Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lhasa Apso Puppies


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lhasa Apso EL Minja Nashua Best of Breed

The Bleiswijk International CACIB Dogshow in Holland: Judge Mr. K. Nathan from the UK for our Lhasa Apso breed. My junior female EL Minja's Nashua 17 months old won the Junior class with JCAC and obtained Best Female CAC and Best of Breed, Nashua won 1st excellent 3 times back to back with 2 Best of breed included in Holland and is Dutch Junior Champion, my EL Minja's Mercedes won the res.CACIB.
In the honorary ring EL Minja's Nashua was placed Best in Group 4 under judge Mr. Hans Boelaars from Holland, great result for such a junior Lhasa.
In Letohalle, Norway Champion EL Minja's Solar Kyi won Best of Breed and Best in Group 1 !! congratulations for Sylvia, Tove and Lia.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bundessieger 2009


At the famous Bundessieger 2009 Hund und Pferd event in Germany more then 9000 dogs from 30 nations were entered! my Jo-Bo won best male with CAC/CACIB/VDH and obtain the Bundessieger 09 title and Best of Breed, and finished for German and VDH Champion! My Nashua won her class with CAC/VDH and Katie won best female with CAC/CACIB/VDH and obtain the Bundessiegerin 09 title runner-up was Nashua with the reserve judge was breed specialist Mr W.Nouc.

On Saterday the National Dogshow event Jo-Bo won best male with CAC/VDH and Nashua won her class Res CAC+VDH and Katie won as well the CAC/VDH, this time we had Mr L.Pinto Texeira as judge.

On Sunday was the specialty zuchtschau in Unna Koningsborn Jo-Bo won CAC/VDH and Nashua won her class with CAC/VDH and Katie as well won CAC/VDH and Best of Breed the judge was breed specialist mrs Gundrun Menges-Mohr.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Nashua won best of breed

lhasa apso el minja's nashua

Last weekend was Maastricht international dogshow and my young female EL Minja's Nashua won best of breed from juniorclass, even over championclass.

picture from Maastricht september 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lhasa Apso Katie wins again


In Belgium Katie win Best of Breed at the famous Lommel dogshow, here pictured with judge A de Wilde and Sylvia
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Katie Best of breed again

My Lhasa Apso katie won best of breed over champions today, Jo Bo won the running up in males, pictures follows soon for the time being follow us at twitter

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lhasa Apso kennel news bi-monthly 2009

News from Puerto Rico FCI CAC/CACIB Guayanilla 28-2/1-3,
EL Minja's Chayenne entered both days in the junior classes with competition from Australia and Mexico Chayenne won Best Junior and Best of Breed under the judge Mr Victor Rosado and res. Best in Show Junior by judge Sra. Ceci Martinez on Saturday and in the breed group 3rd Best In Group, EL Minja's Chayenne won again Best Junior and Best of Breed on Sunday this time under judge Mr Perez Mesa, in the Junior handling with Maria she finished res. Best in Show.
Many congratulations for Maria and Ericka and Ramos Santos for handling!

EL Minja's Chayenne at FCI Dogshow Puerto Rico, thankx for showing Chayenne.
The Royal Dutch Kennelclub Cynophilia

The Gala "Dog of the Year 2008" contest!
Lily and Candy received an invitation for this Gala contest, as both of my Lhasas have won a Group win last year, Judge Mrs Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster had the honor for judging our group.

Candy won res. Best Dog of the Year FCI 9
News from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, 3 times Best of Breed in a weekend;
I went to the Rheinlandsieger International Dogshow, Lhasas were entered from several countries and judged by Breed Specialist Mr W.Nouc. I had entered three of my Lhasas, EL Minja's Saturnus and he won best male with his Championships Certificates and Rheinlandsieger 2009 Title,JCH EL Minja's Jawaharlal Nehru (aka Katie) won her Championships Certificates and Best female , Rheinlandsieger 2009 Title and Best Of Breed, my Champion Candy won her Championclass with VDH and she is now German Champion VDH!
JCH EL Minja's Jawaharlal Nehru Best Of Breed Rheinland Siegershow with the JudgesMrs G.Menges-Mohr, Mr W Nouc, Mrs L Reinelt-Gebauer, Mrs R Rubbelke
In Denmark at the First Int. DKK Show in 2009 Fredercia 20 Lhasa entered, Jette Yeoman's Lhasa Apso Champion EL Minja's Xivas obtained CACIB and Best of Breed under Judge Mrs. H. Assenmacher-Feyel, from Germany many congratulations for Jette!
Champion EL Minja's Xivas winning the Best of Breed at Fredercia Denmark
In the Netherlands at the Specialty Companion Dogshow STG, Champion EL Minja's Jewel of Tibet won best male and Best of Breed the breed Judge was Mrs Henny van den Berg from the Netherlands.
The Eindhoven International Dogshow, many Lhasas were entered included several Champions, the breed was judged by Mrs Marta Heine from Germany, I entered two of my Junior Lhasa Apsos. EL Minja's Mercedes she obtained 3U in her class and EL Minja's Sha-Do who was 1st in her class and won Reserve Best Female with Res.CAC/CACIB.
EL Minja's Sha-Do Reserve Best Female.
Mouscron Int. Dogshow Belgium, Sunday 25 January, our Lhasa Apso male Jo-Bo won best male with CAC/CACIB and my Lhasa Apso female Katie won 1st in her class, my Champion Lily won best female with CAC/CACIB and Best of Breed, The Lhasas were judged by Mr Steven Seymour from Australia,Lily finished Best in Group 3 under judge mrs Lisbeth Mach from Switzerland.
Lily with Sylvia
From Brazil; Champion EL Minja's Agatah and Champion EL Minja's Amethist have complete all there Championships; Brazilian Champion, Brazilian GREAT Champion, PAN AMERICAN Champion, GREAT PAN AMERICAN Champion and INTERNATIONAL Champion.Lots of congratulations for Mirian the owner of these beautiful dogs Thank you!
December: At the Grand Prix van Limburg, Genk in Belgium , my Lhasa Apso Champion Candy won best female with CAC/CACIB and Best of Breed my young female EL Minja's Sha-Do won 1 ex in her class. The judge was Group 9 specialist Mr. Norman Deschuymere from Belgium.
Judge Norman Deschuymere, BOB winner Candy with Sylvia
New Lhasa Apso Champion EL Minja's Xivas!
In Denmark at the Danish Lhasa Apso club annual birthday show in Koege, EL Minja's Xivas won his last CAC for the Danish Champion title under breed specialist Mrs. Beverly Drake from the USA.49 Lhasas were entered, congratulations for his owner Jette Yeoman!
Judge Beverly Drake, CH EL Minja's Xivas with Jette